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                                                            ?Announcement of New PRC THC for SINOKOR

                                                            2015/8/4 12:11:40      view:3097

                                                            Date : 30 July, 2015

                                                            To    : All Valuable Customers

                                                            Re    : Revision of PRC THC

                                                            We would like to announce that with effective from 01st Aug 2015 the PRC THC for all China Inbound & Outbound Services will be adjusted as follow:

                                                            PRC THC fee

                                                            Current:(GP):RMB 825/1225/1225  per 20/40/40HQ/ (RF,FR & OT):RMB 925/1400/1400 per 20/40/40HQ

                                                            New    :(GP):RMB 775/1162/1162  per 20/40/40HQ/ (RF,FR & OT):RMB 875/1337/1337 per 20/40/40HQ

                                                            For any inquiries,please feel free to contact our Sales Department.

                                                            Your sincerely

                                                            SINOKOR HONGKONG CO.,LIMITED

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